Is Clinton Holding the Reins to the Chinese Trojan Horse?

by Patrick Nohrden

Note: This article was written in September 2008. The world political and financial situation may have changed, but the information contained in the article is still current today.

Millions of holiday shoppers were evidently disappointed this past Christmas season. After the numerous product recalls, particularly of toys with lead paint, by sellers of Chinese made products, consumers vowed to shop American. But shopping for American made goods these days has become nearly impossible, thanks to our good friends in China.
In America, factory closings are just a sign of the times, as we buy more products manufactured overseas. These jobs are being transferred to the service industry. According to an April 20, 2007, AP report, America has lost 3 million factory jobs since 2000. However, this number may be higher, because a New York Times report on September 13, 2003, placed the number at 2.7 million on the preceding three years. That is 720,000 factory jobs per year.
In 1985, Wal-Mart embarked upon its “Buy American” campaign. Wal-Mart advertising and in-store signs touted the mostly American-made products that it sold. It felt good to shop at Wal-Mart because you could save a few dollars and help our economy by keeping factory workers employed in America. That campaign lasted about a year.
In 1986, Hilary Clinton joined the Wal-Mart board of directors, and soon thereafter, the ubiquitous “Made in the USA” label disappeared, replaced by the now all-too-familiar “Made in China” label. During her reign on the Wal-Mart board of directors, which officially ended in 1992 when Bill Clinton was elected President, Wal-Mart dramatically reduced its reliance on American manufacturers and increased its reliance on Chinese suppliers. Wal-Mart saw an immediate increase in profit, as the cost of Chinese products were more than twenty percent of the cost of American-made products. So what if the quality suffered? People wanted to spend less and would settle for things more cheaply made.
Hillary Clinton was part of the Wal-Mart decision makers that opted for cheaper goods and greater profit, all at the cost of American jobs. And the Clintons are still working for Wal-Mart. Although Hillary recently returned a $5,000.00 donation to her campaign by Wal-Mart, only after it was reported to the media, according to a November 2, 2007, AP report, Bill is currently the Wal-Mart spokesperson pitching green technology, such as energy saving light bulbs, to cities and other governments across America.
So what is the connection to China? For starters, Wal-Mart’s number one supplier of consumer goods is China. Also, China seems to like the Clintons. You cannot forget that in 1996 some state-owned Chinese companies donated several million dollars to the Democratic National Committee to help Clinton’s reelection, all of which is well-documented in Report 105-167, of the 105th Congress, 2nd Session, published March 10, 1998, regarding Congress’s investigation of foreign, particularly Chinese, influence in the American political process.
It gives one pause to think that the world’s largest surviving communist country, the people’s dictatorship of China, is so concerned with the democratic process of American politics. But there are three main reasons why China is so concerned with what happens in America: (1) China and America are major competitors in the world consumer market; (2) China ranks second after the United States in consumption of oil; and (3) China continues to view America as an ideological enemy.
When America complains about the huge trade imbalance between China and the United States, China merely chides that the trade deficit could easily be reduced by America selling more technology to China. However, it technology beyond what China already has received from us would be catastrophically dangerous for America. Let us not forget that after Bill Clinton was reelected with Chinese campaign contributions in 1996, America made a huge sale of rocket technology to China, which was immediately applied to their missile defense system and space program. We advanced China so much in that one sale that their space program went from its infancy to putting the first Chinese cosmonaut into space.
America has always claimed first place in the manufacturing of technology, particularly in the arena of computer hardware and software. One of the stalwart American manufacturers in that area was IBM. I say “was” because IBM sold its personal computer division to Lenovo in December 2004. Lenovo is a state-owned Chinese company headquartered in Beijing. Now IBM computers are being manufactured under the watchful eye of the Chinese Communist Party, which are then sold to consumers, such as the United States Army, the FBI, the CIA, the ASA, the White House, United States Congress, and thousands of other government agencies, as well blue chip companies, as well as the guy next door. Dell Computer, perhaps the largest single manufacturer of personal computers, is a Taiwan-based company but manufactures most of their computers in mainland China.
I am not a computer geek, so I can only speculate about a potential problem. I have been the victim of various computer viruses. That happens because my computer is hooked up to the World Wide Web, the purported creation of another famous Democrat. I have no control over it; all I can do is to buy fancy software to protect me from these errant computer programs which seek to destroy all my computing efforts. What would it take to install a subroutine in the microprocessor of a computer that would function without the computer user ever being aware? Could that subroutine access the internet without you being aware of it? Could that same subroutine tell another computer in another part of the world what is on your computer? What you are doing with the computer? If it were built into the computer’s microprocessor, it would never be detected by any anti-virus software. What if these computers were made in China, America’s number one commercial, energy, and political adversary?
There are many reasons for avoiding the purchase of Chinese-made products: decreasing the loss of American factory jobs, reducing the flow of American dollars into the control of a communist government, protecting America from a weakened military defense, protecting America’s secrets, ensuring America’s economic growth, as well as others. Likewise, there are reasons to avoid bringing another Clinton the White House. These are the same reasons.

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